What We Do


Hotel owners and potential owners/investors must be able to act and plan with confidence when investing or divesting a hotel or portfolio of assets. This can be accomplished only with the full knowledge of the real value and the upside potential of the property(s) under consideration. A professional hotel broker can play a vital role in conducting a successful transaction. MTEL has a multi-talented team of experienced and highly successful hotel consultants. Our experienced team can guide you through every step of the property acquisition and/or disposition more

Obtaining suitable financing for your project is probably one of the most critical steps in acquiring or constructing an asset. Mortgage debt is typically the largest financial component in a transaction and finding a mortgage lender with suitable terms can make or break the investment. Through our network of qualified lenders, MTEL can offer unique capital solutions to its clients and take them up the leverage curve. To expedite the lending process, MTEL prepares a very comprehensive financing package and presents it to a number of qualified lenders within its own established network more

MTEL’s approach to management is different than most other asset management companies. MTEL treats every hotel asset as its own. In fact, associates of MTEL are partners in a number of hotels, and as a result MTEL understands an "owners" perspective for top line growth and bottom line impact. Increasing asset value through solid management is what MTEL prides itself on more

Revenue Management is simply selling. But, selling the right product to the right customer, at the right time at the right price is MTEL’s methodology and niche. Yield management is focused primarily maximizing revenue through analytics-based inventory control, perishable inventory, customers booking in advance, lower cost competition and swings with regard to balancing supply and demand more

Hotel sales and marketing is more than a few standard sales techniques. Hotel revenues can be increased by coupling an effective Sales and Marketing program with a strong Revenue/Yield Management practice that is not only a science, but an art form. A team of experienced professionals can only find this balance and accomplish it effectively in harmony, MTEL has this team for you with a proven track record of increasing revenues and asset value for many of our clients more

A hotel is a large investment. Investing in one without the proper studies and analysis can potentially jeopardize the investment. It is essential that before investing one should determine the feasibility of such a project. MTEL supports its clients by conducting studies in the following major areas for new or existing hotel projects more

MTEL has acted as project manager for a number of large restoration and renovation projects involving hotels of various sizes and types. As your construction manager, MTEL manages all aspects of the project including establishing an extent of construction/renovations required after a careful evaluation of the market, and meeting or exceeding the franchise standards and local codes. As your construction manager, MTEL's team negotiates with contractors and vendors to obtain the best pricing, highest quality, and reduce costs more

In any business, financial planning are keys to a success or failure of a business. Timely and accurate financial data and analysis allows owners and asset managers to make sound business decisions. MTEL provides comprehensive tools and analysis to its clients assisting them in making sound business decisions to achieve financial objectives more