Every hotel is a business and represents a unique set of challenges and opportunities. There is no one size fits all model.  An experienced professional can advise a client what role a hotel should play in its market.  MTEL can, with years of experience in the hospitality industry in a wide variety of situations, customize its approach to suit the unique need of each hotel asset(s).  MTEL ensures each managed hotel will achieve gross operating profits that exceed industry standards by carefully analyzing each hotel's financial and market position. MTEL firmly believes in increasing efficiencies at every level, whether it is operations (i.e., payroll, utilities, repair and maintenance costs), suppliers/vendors, real estate taxes, property insurance, or even merchant processing. MTEL provides:

  • Proven financial systems, processes, and strict controls
  • Comprehensive business planning
  • Annual detailed operating budget
  • Annual capital budget
  • Monthly financial statements
  • Internal controls, risk mitigation, and reporting for each property