Hotel owners and potential owners must be able to act and plan with confidence when investing or divesting a hotel or portfolio of assets. That can be accomplished only with the full knowledge of the real value and the upside potential of the property(s) under consideration. A professional hotel broker can play a vital role in conducting a successful transaction. A professional broker should offer valuable services to a client at each stage of the transaction, from beginning to end and beyond. 

MTEL Consultants was created to fill this important advisory role in the hospitality industry offering second to none hotel brokerage services that has deep experience and a wealth of knowledge to help you navigate this important investment or divesture. Our experienced hotel brokers guide you through every step of the buy and sale process. 



MTEL Offers:


  • Well experienced professional brokers with a solid track record of success
  • Extensive private database of active buyers
  • Knowledge of valuation within any US market 
  • Marketing expertise
  • A network of lenders, franchise representatives, lawyers, appraisers, and inspectors to support the closing


MTEL's process is unique in how we deliver outstanding results to our new and existing customers.  Our customers always come back to MTEL and our 98% client retention record demonstrates that over and over again.


MTEL can obtain the optimum price for your hotel. Two of the most important factors in achieving the optimum price for a hotel is to create a competitive environment a compelling “story” for the hotel.  The “story”, of course, must be based on the hard data and facts and not “pie in the sky” projections.  MTEL with our extensive transaction history can create the marketing summary for your asset by sorting out the upside potential and downside risks of the hotel. 


MTEL recognizes the importance of creating a “story”.  MTEL digs deep into the hotels historical operating and financial data, market penetration, strengths and weaknesses, all compared to your competitive set and the market. This results in establishing the upside potential and opportunities for improvements and downside risks backed by hard data and logical conclusions. MTEL even suggests solutions to its prospective purchasers on ways to improve profitability further. 


MTEL prepares a very comprehensive marketing package. After the initial due diligence by an experienced MTEL representative, a very comprehensive and professional marketing package is prepared.  The package includes important data and analysis such as: 


  • Historical operating data
  • Profit and loss statements
  • Smith Travel Research Reports (STR) indicating property performance or lack of, within the competitive set , projections, demographics, demand generators
  • Upside potential backed by solid data and logical conclusions


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