Hotel sales and marketing is more than a few standard sales techniques. Hotel revenues can be increased by effective Sales and Marketing and Yield Management techniques that are not only a science, but an art. A team of experienced professionals can only accomplish this effectively. MTEL has a proven track record of increasing revenues and thus asset value for many of our clients.


MTEL firmly believes in working as a team with the ownership. We begin by taking the time to understand the unique environment in which each hotel operates. Interviews with hotel staff and managers are conducted at the onset to better understand the market and its uniqueness. Following careful research, strategic marketing plans are put in place for the property and a detailed plan of action is devised.


Local sales and marketing responsibilities are assigned to the managers and/or sales staff when ever feasible. MTEL works with the national clients on behalf of all of their managed properties to reduce the sales and marketing costs to an individual property further. The marketing plan is monitored regularly to make sure that it is executed as planned. The thoroughness of our marketing plan and accurate tracking process translates into an efficient and cost effective sales and marketing plan.


MTEL provides sales and marketing support to increase group business such as SMERF, motor coach and bus tour business; colleges and their athletic activities; building relationships with key people (sources of referrals) at nearby tourist destinations; targeted advertising such as Exit Guides, Special Promotions, Package Plan for the families, Highway Billboards, Email, etc.


MTEL provides sales and marketing support to sell normally unoccupied rooms through yield management. An empty room means no income and the cost of sale can be fairly marginal. MTEL believes in “putting heads in beds” approach to achieve the most value from your asset. Yield Management is the science of maximizing room revenues by maintaining a dynamic and flexible rate structure that is managed on a daily and even hourly basis to achieve the highest possible ADR and occupancies. It is not uncommon for hotels using our yield management strategies and tactics to achieve15-25% gains in room revenue.


MTEL optimizes franchise-generated reservations through (Central Reservation System) and GDS (Global Distribution System) by implementing strategic rate structure, priority selling and managing the room inventory effectively.


MTEL places a balanced approach on emphasis in exploiting internet reservation channels. Reservations from third parties such as Expedia Companies (expedia, Orbitz,, and many others are used to sell normally unoccupied rooms and supplement the revenue stream in peak months as well as off peak months.


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